Private Internal Knowledge Base Software as a Service (SaaS)

Centralize all of your training, procedures, instructions and videos, for yourself, your team, or your company all on one platform.

Knowledge Base Software

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.

Knowledge Base Software

Get setup quickly

QBaza was design for the everyday user. Effortlessly create structure and organization for easy access to your information.

Work Efficiently

Built for speed

QBaza was built for speed. With our Live Search, QBaza allows users to access information quickly to increase efficiency.

Computer and mobile

Accessible on all your devices

With QBaza, information can be accessed from any browser and from any location. All the information at your fingertips.

privileged access management

Dynamic control over access

Access management allows administrators to control all aspects of the system.

Why QBaza?

Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic


Add, edit, block and delete users within seconds.

Community Forum

Private community forum allows for industry specific companies and users to collaborate.

Cost Effective

Sharing knowledge shouldn't be only for the information technology industry and too expensive for everyone else.

Live Search

We introduce Live Search, allows users to quickly and efficiently locate the information they are looking for.

Privileged Access Management

Control access to all aspects of the system. Effortlessly add and remove users to and from groups to allow and restrict access to knowledge base articles.

Sticky Notes

Each user has access to their own sticky notes repository to quickly add notes that are searchable for easy future lookup.

Level up your productivity

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